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Family Law

The practice of family law is unique in that it allows us to not only aggressively advocate for our clients but to become engaged in their lives and form a personal bond. If you are struggling with a domestic matter or have questions about the family law process, we encourage you to contact us right away. We promise a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to handling your issue and can offer representation unparalleled in the South Florida area.

Our practice is devoted to the representation of family law clients. We offer experienced representation in all areas of domestic law, which quickly become interrelated as the case progresses. For instance, it is not uncommon for a client to come to us wishing to modify a visitation order, only to discover an underlying child support or custody issue in need of unraveling.

Divorce proceedings can range from peacefully amicable to hotly contested, and we can help you through the process regardless of your situation. We offer full-service representation to help settle matters relating to child support, custody (i.e., legal decision making), parenting time, spousal support, and property and debt division.
Child Custody and Visitation

Whether you are in need of a modification of a current order or would like to establish an initial custody and visitation arrangement, we can help. From establishing paternity to negotiating a timesharing agreement, child custody can be a deeply personal and emotionally draining process. Let L. Turner Law, P.A. help you have the relationship with your child you deserve, and to make sure that your childs best interests are served in the process.

Spousal Maintenance (Support)

Known in some states as “alimony,” spousal support is often a pivotal issue in a divorce proceeding. Support is determined by factors such as the length of the marriage, the lifestyle the parties have become accustomed to, and your goals after the marriage (such as going back to school or out into the workforce). We can assist you in establishing, modifying or terminating a spousal support order

Child Support
Whether you pay or receive child support, our office can guide you through the process of initiating, enforcing, modifying or challenging a child support order. We also help clients with child support arrearage issues and in certain circumstances may be able to seek back child support.
Severance and Adoption

Usually one of the less adversarial areas of our family law practice involves the representation of families through the adoption process. L. Turner Law, P.A. is able to assist with step-parent adoptions as well as the severance of rights of an uninvolved, uninterested parent. We will work to streamline the process and provide your family with the proper paperwork and advice.

Client Testimonials

“Lauren has been an absolute life saver in creating my business. I had hired several other attorney’s and as a new business I was being treated as just that. I decided to let Lauren give me a second opinion and it wound up being the best decision for us! Not only were her fees more reasonable, she did more in two weeks that I had received in months from others. Thank you is an understatement and I will refer and recommend her for anyone needing help with business contracts or agreements."

Anthony F

“Lauren Turner is an excellent example of what an attorney should be. Lauren is always available and has gone the extra mile to ensure that all my needs have been met.”.

Janos V

“Knowledgeable, caring and professional.
Nichole Turner helped with my grandparents’ Power of Attorny recently. She made my family and I feel very cared for and was amazing with my aging relatives. Her work was so thoughtful and thorough that my family and I were very clear on all aspects of the process. I would only use Ms. Turner in the future..”

Samantha M

Ms. Turner recently represented my rescue organization and I’m so incredibly thankful for her. My fellow volunteers are so incredibly thankful for her, as well. She listened intently during our first conversation as I cried and explained what was happening, she talked me through panic attacks, and gave me detailed explanations regarding what she was going to do for my organization and why.
It was rare that Ms. Turner didn’t answer when I called or didn’t respond to a text almost right away. If she missed my call or text, she called me back or responded to my text in about 30 minutes or less. Knowing she’d absolutely get back to me as soon as she could was comforting. She NEVER made me feel like speaking to me often was bothersome and ALWAYS made me feel like defending my organization was very important. She was encouraging and put my mind at ease with her strength as an attorney.
Ms. Turner is so passionate about what she does and obviously works hard for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Nicole A

200%! Absolutely! I recommend L. Turner Law! A competent sharp motivated professional. Compassionate, but tough! I’m a registered nurse that struggles with a serious disability, PTSD. I have been harassed and targeted by the HOA regarding my service dog, who happens to have her own struggles as a senior former shelter dumped overly bred dog with a few disabilities too, namely Lupus, and back and neck problems that cause her gait to wobble and she falls often. We’re both helping each other cope, care, heal, and are supporting one another. Complicated case, many details, but L. Turner LAW is quick to figure out the correct legal action and implements it quickly. Fair pricing. And most importantly, L. Turner Law truly cares about animals and related injustices! I’ve had to hire a handful of attorneys in my lifetime, she is by far above and beyond what I could ever hope for. So grateful to have her on my side!

Joy B

Excellent job on my case, knew what she was doing. Also very communicative/responsive which I really appreciated. Made a difficult situation easier and I'd definitely recommend.

Chris H

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